Nerf Elite Rayven Box Art + Super Soaker leaks

I know, all I seem to post is leaks! I should get around to some new content, but man, these leaks are always awesome. Thanks to Basic Nerf(Link!) for posting about these.

So here’s the Elite Rayven– it has the claim of 75 feet, and comes with the glow mag as well. Seems to me it has  Elite Glow darts, which would be pretty neat. Hopefully it’s easy to tell them from the normal glow darts..

Here’s the “Domination drum” which appears to just be the lightning-storm’s drum with new paint. This means we’ll be able to buy the drums separately!

This one came out of the blue though. Apparently it’s a new pistol– the Flash Blast, and I don’t quite see how it’s gonna work. Maybe you pump it with the slide? Makes sense to me, but it lacks much for visible pumping. Still, a pretty nifty looking pistol.


Rumor weekend all over again: Arctic Shock

Here’s a leaked image of the Arctic Shock. Seems like a tough blaster– see those rear iron sights? Those sure look like actual iron sights.

Here’s something– the cap on the size of the mag seems way bigger than normal. So maybe you can fill it with ice, and the bigger size helps you fill it with more water while still having ice in it.

Also, nice trigger grip.

Rumor Wednesday: Three new supersoakers, and a clip backpack!

Courtesy of Urban Taggers!(Link!)

So this would be big news in itself– it’s a backpack that you can fill with water and then attach to your blaster directly.  Pretty cool. Plus, it has 100 ounces of water in it– that’s awesome, and would probably keep you shooting for years.

Okay, woah, woah, A lot of new stuff right here, but let’s focus in on the blaster in the middle.

This guy is called the Shotwave. It’s pump action, but it has a really weirdly placed clip. It’s below the hand grip, and you can see why in the picture.

Ever play laser tag? Imagine if the vest cord was at the front of the tagger. You’d have a really hard time trying to hold the blaster and not slip over that cord a few times. Clearly, they want the Shotwave to be the blaster used with this vest.

Also, it looks like it has a weird muzzle. So maybe it does something cool, like fire in a wave.

Okay, there’s two new blasters here too. Let’s break that down

Arctic Shock

  • New, long blue clip.
  • Blue decal on it that seems to imply a new mini-series like the storm series
  • Pump action
  • Stock attachment point

Judging by the name and the fact the clip is blue rather than orange, I think it’s safe to say this might relate to some sort of icey mini series.

Maybe you can freeze part of the clip to make the water even colder? That might explain it, unless it has some sort of chilling mechanism built into it.


  • Blue banana clip
  • Lightningstorm stock without the storm series logo
  • Pump action
  • Blue decal matching up to the Artic Shot
  • Seemingly the next flagship blaster?

So it has a new Banana clip– much like the one we’ve seen before. This time, it’s blue. So, why blue? I’m going back to the Arctic Shock here, and thinking that it may relate to being able to chill the water somehow.

But here’s what gets me– it’s called the Switchshot. What’s that about? It has to be able to switch between something. Is it water temperature? Can you change the nozzle somehow? The questions linger.


Let’s just hope they answer this by next summer, I’m dying to know!

This weekend’s rumor round-up

Spotted by Urban Taggers

So here’s something unexpected, the Nerf Triad EX-3. This isn’t confirmed at all, but it’s looking likely. Checks out in general, but surprising. It holds three darts in the muzzle, although it isn’t confirmed or denied that it will be able to shoot multiple at a time.

Though, it sure looks like it from the back end, it looks like it has everything in place for triple-dart shooting.

Is this then new jolt? A new derivative that is separate? Is it a Chinese knockoff? People were saying the darts mean it’s fake, but those are just normal whistlers, not “elite” whistlers. Seems like someone grabbed one out of a factory, and didn’t get any darts alongside it.

Maybe the prototype can’t fire three darts, but the final product will.

Source: Urban Taggers

And this is another unexpected treat! A rough-looking banana clip for the super soakers. This one looks definite to come out, so I’d expect to see it at Toys’r’us soon.

Makes sense, think of it like the Stampede 18-dart mag. The Lightningstorm came with the water-version of the 35 dart drum, and now this seems to be the new 18 dart mag for super soakers.

Looks great though, and the modding ability is great.