Rumor weekend: Someone’s got a firestrike?

Thanks to Urban Taggers for finding these.

So on the heels of last week’s spotting, now it seems someone has their hands on one.

Here’s the front– apparently the red dot sight’s lens is a circle now. Kinda odd, but it works. It also confirms that it has the two dart holders again. Pretty nifty how well the dart holders blend into the body from the side.

The contrast between the two is sharp. Although it’s a bulkier blaster, it apparently has been compacted in a bit to save as much room as possible. The handle is shorter, the dart holders blend in to the blast, and the tactical rail is at the dead back end, which makes more room for other things to be in with it.

Seemingly, they completely reshelled it, and man it looks tough.

Here’s a picture of the red dot sight in use. It seems to have some sort of reticle around it– which is awesome.

Now this got me– it lights up and looks like a beast from the sides. The RDS chamber has two open slots, seemingly to adjust the beam, but it also makes it glow from the side.

So, yep, this thing deserves to be called the ‘Firestrike’ with that look.


Rumours: Nerf Firestrike image leak?

Thanks to Tactical Tag for the spotting!

Here’s something fun. Apparently this is a leaked image of the Firestrike— the new Nitefinder.

So the first thing that stands out to me is the new design. It’s all a solid blaster, and it’s not as segmented as the Nitefinder originally was. It also has some nice edges, which seem to greatly improve the ergonomics of holding it.

We can see it has a trigger for the flashlight, and the batteries are put into the grip. One thing I notice though is the lack of an angle-adjuster on the light. Where’s that? Did they decide that the Elite ranges were good enough to not need adjustment over range? Kinda odd, but I guess the laser wouldn’t work to any distance past 30 feet any way.

It seems like it might still have the ammo holder, but it appears to be built into the blaster.

Anyway, I think this may well be the best looking pistol we’ve gotten so far. It’s tough.

Shelf news: Target

It seems the northeast has now gotten Elite fever, as my local target is decked out. Sadly, I didn’t get anything yet.

Apologies for the low quality! My phone isn’t very fantastic for photography.

  • 6 bucks: 12 darts
  • 10 bucks: 18 dart magazine
  • 13 bucks: 30 darts
  • 17 bucks:  4 six dart mags/Hailfire upgrade kit
  • 20 bucks: 75 darts
  • 25 bucks: Nerf Retaliator
  • 30 bucks: Nerf Rampage
  • 40 bucks: Nerf Hailfire and Vortex Pyragon

20 bucks for 75 darts is a pretty good deal.



All N-strike Elite products for the year are out, even the Hailfire and Pyragon.

Another interesting thing is the first Alpha trooper I’ve seen in a while.


Hoping to see the Elite Jolt, Firestrike, and Strongarm on shelves soon, to get 75 feet for a low cost.