Nerf Elite Rayven Box Art + Super Soaker leaks

I know, all I seem to post is leaks! I should get around to some new content, but man, these leaks are always awesome. Thanks to Basic Nerf(Link!) for posting about these.

So here’s the Elite Rayven– it has the claim of 75 feet, and comes with the glow mag as well. Seems to me it has  Elite Glow darts, which would be pretty neat. Hopefully it’s easy to tell them from the normal glow darts..

Here’s the “Domination drum” which appears to just be the lightning-storm’s drum with new paint. This means we’ll be able to buy the drums separately!

This one came out of the blue though. Apparently it’s a new pistol– the Flash Blast, and I don’t quite see how it’s gonna work. Maybe you pump it with the slide? Makes sense to me, but it lacks much for visible pumping. Still, a pretty nifty looking pistol.