Amazon leaks all box art/promotional images for the new blasters

Thanks to JetCell from Nerf Mods and Reviews(Link!) for making me aware of these. Some great images and details about the new blasters!

First we have the Ruff Cut 2×4, which we’ve seen before. It apparently shoots 2 darts at a time for every prime, with 8 darts in total. It’s the new Barrel Break, and man does it look cool. Same ergonomics, but this time it has a pump action mechanism.

Apparently, it gets 75 feet, and is plunger based.. So we’ll have to see how this one works out.

Here’s the Stryfe’s box art.

A quick note that this is from, so the range is the ’20 M’ distance.

Pretty much everything from before still stands– it apparently has a barrel extension, a stock point, an underslung rail, and is a mag fed Barricade.

So basically, it’s a flywheel Recon.

Absolutely nothing new to report here, but some cool pictures either way.

A quick note though, the Firestrike /is/ much smaller than a Nite Finder, but the small ‘hook’ at the bottom of the grip gives your fingers enough room to hold it. Pretty neat.

So here’s the Strong Arm, the one that got leaked on Ebay. Not much to report here, but much like the Firestrike, it appears to be smaller. The handle has the same ‘hook’ for your fingers to grip onto though, so it should work out fine either way.

Woah woah woah woah.

Last but not least, the big shocker– the Vortex Diatron.  I’ll write up a quick post about it so it gets its spotlight, but man, look at that.

Pretty crazy, right? Multishot vortex with an internal magazine; sounds wild.


3 thoughts on “Amazon leaks all box art/promotional images for the new blasters

  1. this is great i was currently in the process of modding my barricade to have a barrel extension and to take clips but know i can just get the stryfe

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