Rumours: Nerf Firestrike image leak?

Thanks to Tactical Tag for the spotting!

Here’s something fun. Apparently this is a leaked image of the Firestrike— the new Nitefinder.

So the first thing that stands out to me is the new design. It’s all a solid blaster, and it’s not as segmented as the Nitefinder originally was. It also has some nice edges, which seem to greatly improve the ergonomics of holding it.

We can see it has a trigger for the flashlight, and the batteries are put into the grip. One thing I notice though is the lack of an angle-adjuster on the light. Where’s that? Did they decide that the Elite ranges were good enough to not need adjustment over range? Kinda odd, but I guess the laser wouldn’t work to any distance past 30 feet any way.

It seems like it might still have the ammo holder, but it appears to be built into the blaster.

Anyway, I think this may well be the best looking pistol we’ve gotten so far. It’s tough.


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