What’s this? Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Mission Kit

From Kohl’s

I just found this from a google search. Never saw this one before!

Apparently, it’s a Retaliator, but instead of accessories, it comes with two 18 dart mags and 36 darts. Sounds rather interesting, gives you everything you’d need for most situations.

This is a first for Nerf I think–  a re-released blaster, but without accessories or a new paintjob. Supposedly, it’s 35 bucks– which is worth if it you were going to buy 2 18 dart mags, but it would sell much better if it came with a different blaster. I’d want the Retaliator for the accessories.

Still, it’s technically a sale. 18-25 bucks is how much two 18 dart mags would cost you alone, and a Retaliator is 25 bucks. But it depends on how smart you are at buying stuff.

Either way, it’s a new mission kit, and it sounds interesting. Let’s see what other mission kits they release?


6 thoughts on “What’s this? Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Mission Kit

  1. Pricing at Target:
    $24 – Retaliator with 12-dart clip, stock, barrel and pistol grip
    $10 – 18-dart clip

    So a total of $44 for blaster, accessories, 3 clips and 48 darts

    Kohl’s is asking $37 for blaster, 2 clips and 36 darts.

    Getting all the accessories, an extra clip and a dozen extra darts for just $7 more seems like a better deal to me.

    • Yeah, it’s a fantastic deal depending on where you shop! Totally worth it for a competitive player, but I think many people will go for the tacticool nature of the Retaliator itself.

  2. Wow! That’s kinda cool, actually. I love the Retaliator as a blaster and the 18 dart quick reload clip is one of my favorites too, so this is a nice set! Thanks for the intel!

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