The rumors never end: Elite Reflex?

Thanks to Nerf Mods and Reviews for posting about this.

Here’s something that actually looks pretty awesome and tough. Apparently, this is the new Elite Reflex.

First of all,  have to say, that is some incredible orange. I normally like my blasters to look pretty dark, but that orange really works for me. Much better than the yellow, and it pops with the blue and white really well.

So other than that, it clearly has a completely new slide– it doesn’t simply align with the blaster’s muzzle like the original blaster did.

Ontop of that, they moved the rail on the top to the end of the slide, rather than the front. That would make it so much easier to put a scope or accessory on it and still be able to cock it without having to pull the back, wouldn’t it? Seems natural to me.

Also, here’s a post from Tactical Tag that helps show this could very well be 100% legit. It apparently says copyright @2011 Hasbro. Now, that may seem off a little, but they could have copyrighted these blasters a year or two in advance.


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