Rumour quick news: Elite Jolt, Triad, Firestrike

So this is all stuff we’ve seen before, but here’s the Elite Jolt, Firestrike, and Triad all right next to eachother. I think the part that caught me is that the Triad and Elite Jolt are next to each other, which apparently means we’ll be getting both.


Rumor weekend: Someone’s got a firestrike?

Thanks to Urban Taggers for finding these.

So on the heels of last week’s spotting, now it seems someone has their hands on one.

Here’s the front– apparently the red dot sight’s lens is a circle now. Kinda odd, but it works. It also confirms that it has the two dart holders again. Pretty nifty how well the dart holders blend into the body from the side.

The contrast between the two is sharp. Although it’s a bulkier blaster, it apparently has been compacted in a bit to save as much room as possible. The handle is shorter, the dart holders blend in to the blast, and the tactical rail is at the dead back end, which makes more room for other things to be in with it.

Seemingly, they completely reshelled it, and man it looks tough.

Here’s a picture of the red dot sight in use. It seems to have some sort of reticle around it– which is awesome.

Now this got me– it lights up and looks like a beast from the sides. The RDS chamber has two open slots, seemingly to adjust the beam, but it also makes it glow from the side.

So, yep, this thing deserves to be called the ‘Firestrike’ with that look.

Rumours: Nerf Firestrike image leak?

Thanks to Tactical Tag for the spotting!

Here’s something fun. Apparently this is a leaked image of the Firestrike— the new Nitefinder.

So the first thing that stands out to me is the new design. It’s all a solid blaster, and it’s not as segmented as the Nitefinder originally was. It also has some nice edges, which seem to greatly improve the ergonomics of holding it.

We can see it has a trigger for the flashlight, and the batteries are put into the grip. One thing I notice though is the lack of an angle-adjuster on the light. Where’s that? Did they decide that the Elite ranges were good enough to not need adjustment over range? Kinda odd, but I guess the laser wouldn’t work to any distance past 30 feet any way.

It seems like it might still have the ammo holder, but it appears to be built into the blaster.

Anyway, I think this may well be the best looking pistol we’ve gotten so far. It’s tough.

What’s this? Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Mission Kit

From Kohl’s

I just found this from a google search. Never saw this one before!

Apparently, it’s a Retaliator, but instead of accessories, it comes with two 18 dart mags and 36 darts. Sounds rather interesting, gives you everything you’d need for most situations.

This is a first for Nerf I think–  a re-released blaster, but without accessories or a new paintjob. Supposedly, it’s 35 bucks– which is worth if it you were going to buy 2 18 dart mags, but it would sell much better if it came with a different blaster. I’d want the Retaliator for the accessories.

Still, it’s technically a sale. 18-25 bucks is how much two 18 dart mags would cost you alone, and a Retaliator is 25 bucks. But it depends on how smart you are at buying stuff.

Either way, it’s a new mission kit, and it sounds interesting. Let’s see what other mission kits they release?

The rumors never end: Elite Reflex?

Thanks to Nerf Mods and Reviews for posting about this.

Here’s something that actually looks pretty awesome and tough. Apparently, this is the new Elite Reflex.

First of all,  have to say, that is some incredible orange. I normally like my blasters to look pretty dark, but that orange really works for me. Much better than the yellow, and it pops with the blue and white really well.

So other than that, it clearly has a completely new slide– it doesn’t simply align with the blaster’s muzzle like the original blaster did.

Ontop of that, they moved the rail on the top to the end of the slide, rather than the front. That would make it so much easier to put a scope or accessory on it and still be able to cock it without having to pull the back, wouldn’t it? Seems natural to me.

Also, here’s a post from Tactical Tag that helps show this could very well be 100% legit. It apparently says copyright @2011 Hasbro. Now, that may seem off a little, but they could have copyrighted these blasters a year or two in advance.

Rumor weekend all over again: Arctic Shock

Here’s a leaked image of the Arctic Shock. Seems like a tough blaster– see those rear iron sights? Those sure look like actual iron sights.

Here’s something– the cap on the size of the mag seems way bigger than normal. So maybe you can fill it with ice, and the bigger size helps you fill it with more water while still having ice in it.

Also, nice trigger grip.

Rumor Wednesday: Three new supersoakers, and a clip backpack!

Courtesy of Urban Taggers!(Link!)

So this would be big news in itself– it’s a backpack that you can fill with water and then attach to your blaster directly.  Pretty cool. Plus, it has 100 ounces of water in it– that’s awesome, and would probably keep you shooting for years.

Okay, woah, woah, A lot of new stuff right here, but let’s focus in on the blaster in the middle.

This guy is called the Shotwave. It’s pump action, but it has a really weirdly placed clip. It’s below the hand grip, and you can see why in the picture.

Ever play laser tag? Imagine if the vest cord was at the front of the tagger. You’d have a really hard time trying to hold the blaster and not slip over that cord a few times. Clearly, they want the Shotwave to be the blaster used with this vest.

Also, it looks like it has a weird muzzle. So maybe it does something cool, like fire in a wave.

Okay, there’s two new blasters here too. Let’s break that down

Arctic Shock

  • New, long blue clip.
  • Blue decal on it that seems to imply a new mini-series like the storm series
  • Pump action
  • Stock attachment point

Judging by the name and the fact the clip is blue rather than orange, I think it’s safe to say this might relate to some sort of icey mini series.

Maybe you can freeze part of the clip to make the water even colder? That might explain it, unless it has some sort of chilling mechanism built into it.


  • Blue banana clip
  • Lightningstorm stock without the storm series logo
  • Pump action
  • Blue decal matching up to the Artic Shot
  • Seemingly the next flagship blaster?

So it has a new Banana clip– much like the one we’ve seen before. This time, it’s blue. So, why blue? I’m going back to the Arctic Shock here, and thinking that it may relate to being able to chill the water somehow.

But here’s what gets me– it’s called the Switchshot. What’s that about? It has to be able to switch between something. Is it water temperature? Can you change the nozzle somehow? The questions linger.


Let’s just hope they answer this by next summer, I’m dying to know!

Rumor weekend: Elite Firefly darts, Stryfe, and Elite rayven?

So I was wondering when this would happen! Credit to Urban Taggers(Link!) for making me aware of this.

Apparently, they’re going to release these next year. That makes sense, it’d work well with the huge list of blasters coming out next year.  However, they aren’t the big news here. The big news is on the back.

Right there in the middle– the Stryfe and the Rayven. Two brand new elite blasters leaked alongside a new type of ammunition. Huge news in a small package.

So let’s break this down bit by bit.

Here’s a blown up version of the strife. It seems to mimic a barricade, but it is radically redesigned.

Here’s some obvious points on it:

  • It has a underslung rail on the front of it– clearly for foregrips or bipods.
  • Appears to be a barrel extension for adding barrels, which isn’t typical for a typical flywheel blaster.
  • Stock attachment point– this fella looks like a semi-auto Recon, pistol to rifle customization.
  •  Acceleration trigger under the main trigger
  • Large battery compartment (?)
  • Clip system with a neat clip point
  • Jam door and rail system just like the barricade

I think this could be one of my favorite blasters ever if it pans out. They evidently gave it a bottom rail so that the barrel is long enough to prevent children from jamming their fingers into the flywheel.

Seems to me that it may be a little smaller than a Barricade, as the clip seems to be much bigger than expected  next to a larger blaster– compare the size with the Elite Rayven. Since the clip is the same on both, we can estimate what kinda size it’d have.

It doesn’t appear to come with any new accessories, which is a shame.

Also, doesn’t this kinda feel like a Rayven? Maybe it’s meant to be a standard, customization-capable Rayven.

So there’s no much to say about this– it’s a Rayven redone in Elite with no accessories. Maybe it’s implied that it comes with the clip?

One might think it’s strange that it doesn’t have a new name, but I think there’s a reasonable excuse for that. The Rayven has been 2012’s spotlight N-Strike blaster, and it’s been selling parallel to the Elite Series with great sales. I’d assume they would want to sell it off as the same as the old Rayven, but with upgraded capabilities. This way, they don’t confuse people on which to buy, and they see the Elite Series Rayven is better than a normal Light-It-Up Rayven.