Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight

Image source: NERF Dart Tag Tournament Malaysia 2012

News alert by: Nerf Mods and Reviews

How about this one? I didn’t see that coming. But hey; this is something I’m really excited for now. The discontinuation of the pinpoint sight was very depressing, there wasn’t really any way to buy many without shelling out like 300 bucks.

Though, it was bound for them to release top-rail accessories. Especially since all of the elite blasters have top-rails, but no accessories to put on them.

It seems this one is going to be sold as a stand-alone accessory like the tactical vest, which will be interesting. I’ll probably end up buying a few for my blasters; and I look forward to its release.

Sure, it seems kinda depressing that they’re only retooling the accessories and blasters, but I honestly look forward to it. Better ranges, styles, and discontinued products? Sign me up.


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