Quick news: Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight Spotted On Chinese Forum

Thanks to Urban Taggers(Post link!) for discovering this! It was posted on the Chinese forum Baidu, and it looks tough. Loving the new colors on it.


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I’ll try to get more content up when I can, but I’m mainly focused on getting news across as soon as possible. I’ll do content in spare time.

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This weekend’s rumor round-up

Spotted by Urban Taggers

So here’s something unexpected, the Nerf Triad EX-3. This isn’t confirmed at all, but it’s looking likely. Checks out in general, but surprising. It holds three darts in the muzzle, although it isn’t confirmed or denied that it will be able to shoot multiple at a time.

Though, it sure looks like it from the back end, it looks like it has everything in place for triple-dart shooting.

Is this then new jolt? A new derivative that is separate? Is it a Chinese knockoff? People were saying the darts mean it’s fake, but those are just normal whistlers, not “elite” whistlers. Seems like someone grabbed one out of a factory, and didn’t get any darts alongside it.

Maybe the prototype can’t fire three darts, but the final product will.

Source: Urban Taggers

And this is another unexpected treat! A rough-looking banana clip for the super soakers. This one looks definite to come out, so I’d expect to see it at Toys’r’us soon.

Makes sense, think of it like the Stampede 18-dart mag. The Lightningstorm came with the water-version of the 35 dart drum, and now this seems to be the new 18 dart mag for super soakers.

Looks great though, and the modding ability is great.

What ever happened to the Nerf Snapfire?

I remember hearing about this guy around– if not before–  Nerf Elite was shown off. It was heiled as a semi-auto pistol without any cocking, and it seemed to be a great blaster. So my question is, why is it nowhere to be seen?

One would assume it would have released with the Pyragon– heck, they stocked it in Singapore around the time of the Pyragon, but it’s MIA in every other country. They’re boxed, packaged, final copies, and seem like a finished product there. So why? You can’t even find them on Chinese websites, ebay, amazon, they’re just not there.

It could be possible that it’s to due with the trigger. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the pain that pulling the trigger on “range” mode can cause.  Could that be it? Do they consider it too tiring? I thought that the selling point was you could set it to higher range and have a harder time shooting it, or just use rapid fire with low speed. Maybe they didn’t think it worked out well?

Or it could be due to the ergonomics, the trigger is apparently a bit long for young children; that’s entirely possible.

Though there’s an entirely different option, maybe they’re working on a new version– a blue trigger version, like most of the Dart Tag series is getting. Only problem is, they wouldn’t be able to change the spring without changing the trigger pull, so that would be even worse on people’s hands. Though, a simple plunger change or direct plunger wouldn’t affect the spring.

No matter what, I’m looking forward to this fellow, and I hope it gets released soon. It’ll be one of the few dart tag blasters in my collection.

Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight

Image source: NERF Dart Tag Tournament Malaysia 2012

News alert by: Nerf Mods and Reviews

How about this one? I didn’t see that coming. But hey; this is something I’m really excited for now. The discontinuation of the pinpoint sight was very depressing, there wasn’t really any way to buy many without shelling out like 300 bucks.

Though, it was bound for them to release top-rail accessories. Especially since all of the elite blasters have top-rails, but no accessories to put on them.

It seems this one is going to be sold as a stand-alone accessory like the tactical vest, which will be interesting. I’ll probably end up buying a few for my blasters; and I look forward to its release.

Sure, it seems kinda depressing that they’re only retooling the accessories and blasters, but I honestly look forward to it. Better ranges, styles, and discontinued products? Sign me up.