Opinion: Nerf accessory prices on Ebay

Time for another opinion piece, this time about EBay and Nerf products.

Ever gone on Ebay for Nerf things? You might find some great deals for lots, or blasters in general, but there’s something I really notice. Ever tried to buy an accessory?  Let’s say the Nerf Recon barrel–

Look at this one. 

That’s 14 bucks, over half  the price of a Recon.  For just the Barrel. By that logic, the stock/body are 2.00$ bucks each, and the light/sight are 1$ each in the retail price.

This is my point here; if you go on Ebay, the prices for the accessories are so high you might as well buy the real blaster, even if you have one already. It’s seriously not worth it to just buy single accessories when you could buy everything including the blaster for six bucks extra.

Plus you could always resell the parts you don’t want for probably the price you bought it all for.

Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite thing.

Yes. I’m talking about this, the most expensive thing you can buy in N-strike probably. You know how much it goes for on Ebay?

Seventy bucks.

This one honestly makes more sense; it’s the most beautiful sight you can buy stock for a Nerf blaster, but it was discontinued. Naturally, supply and demand means the price is skyhigh as so many people want it and so few have it. But the thing is, it originally went for eight bucks when it first sold. That’s right, if you bought a few of them, you could have a couple hundred dollars from a 24 dollar investment.

The thing that gets down to the prices is the fact people want accessories that they normally can’t buy on their own, or because they can’t buy them at all elsewhere. Sure, there’s money you can save on certain accessories, like the Longshot front gun for 15$ when the Longshot itself costs you a good 60$ on Ebay. That’d be a reason to not buy everything, but there’s yet another thing that really gets me.

The Raider Drum.

With shipping, that’s about 35 bucks. Know how much the Raider costs in a store? 35 bucks.

Why do people actually buy that? Well, ask any HvZ Nerfer and they’ll tell you how a Raider drum can save their lives in a zombie attack. Competitive Nerfers want to buy plenty of these, without having to buy extra Raiders. But if you ask me, I’d buy a bunch of raiders than spend 35 bucks per drum. Like I’ve said before, it’s just not worth it to buy a single accessory for the stock price of the blaster. Heck, you could sell the Raider and its stock without the drum for about 30 bucks.

Evidently the prices aren’t based on the retail prices, and are rather by demand. Everyone wants extra barrels, sights, and Raider drums. I sure would have extra if I had the money, but I just don’t see it as being very worth it. Especially now, when the Nerf Elite is coming out, but that’s a whole different story; the Hail Fire is selling for about 80 bucks, I could go and buy one for 40$ at my local Target and gain 40$.

Maybe we should start investing money by buying Nerf weaponry. I mean, now that Elite stuff is coming out, maybe N-Strike will get discontinued and the prices will soar.


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