Nerf Stockade on Amazon, curiosities abound

The Nerf Stockade is now up for sale on, strangely enough. Although is American, it appears their listing is still based in Europe, as the box shows the ’20M distance” claim. But this raises some curious questions about the blaster; I’ll discuss this in a sec.

Thanks to Basic Nerf(Link) for making me aware; this is a pretty interesting find.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster – 50$  (Does anyone else feel like it’s very overpriced?)

Anyway, my questions about the blaster are mainly about American localization. When it evidently comes out in America, will it fire 75 feet? Sure, those are angled, but as reviews of the Hailfire have shown, it gets around 65 feet angled. Will they modify the flywheels to shoot farther? It’s an interesting problem. Maybe they were waiting on how the Hailfire works in the U.S. before they release it with the full range claims.

Either way though, this is a blaster I look forward to. Though, I would be even more excited for a Elite Rayven.

I photoshopped the colour on in five minutes, just to try to show off how brilliant an elite-series Rayven would be. Beautiful, yes. Ignore how horrible the white looks, just imagine for a moment. It’d be a beautiful thing. And it’d move the Rayven back into normal N-strike, rather than Firefly.


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