Shelf news: Target

It seems the northeast has now gotten Elite fever, as my local target is decked out. Sadly, I didn’t get anything yet.

Apologies for the low quality! My phone isn’t very fantastic for photography.

  • 6 bucks: 12 darts
  • 10 bucks: 18 dart magazine
  • 13 bucks: 30 darts
  • 17 bucks:  4 six dart mags/Hailfire upgrade kit
  • 20 bucks: 75 darts
  • 25 bucks: Nerf Retaliator
  • 30 bucks: Nerf Rampage
  • 40 bucks: Nerf Hailfire and Vortex Pyragon

20 bucks for 75 darts is a pretty good deal.



All N-strike Elite products for the year are out, even the Hailfire and Pyragon.

Another interesting thing is the first Alpha trooper I’ve seen in a while.


Hoping to see the Elite Jolt, Firestrike, and Strongarm on shelves soon, to get 75 feet for a low cost.


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