Review: Stampede ECS-18(Image heavy!)

So this is my first review.  Obviously going to be reviewing the Stampede; my primary blaster of choice. It’s a great multipurpose blaster, with many pros and some cons. It dominates the N-strike line for most engagements, although it falls short compared to the new Elite series. That being said, it can hold it’s own in any situations.

Onto the review though. Click through for the comprehensive details!


  1. Contents
  2. Physical features
  3. Accessories
  4. Combat review
  5. Conclusion


So here’s what all comes included in the Stampede’s box. It’s a lot, but it went for 50 bucks in its prime; now you can get it for only 38 bucks, less than a Pyragon! Pretty crazy. It comes with almost everything you need for a war.

  • 3 high-capacity 18 dart mags
  • 1 6 dart mag
  • 1 pop-out bipod/grip
  • 1 blast shield

It’s a great starter blaster for a war, but it takes some setting up. Since it’s battery powered, you need to buy six D batteries. That’s gonna cost you around 11 dollars extra if you don’t have any on hand, so there’s something else to consider.

Physical features

Here’s the battery door, it’s the bright orange part of the stock. You just  find the two screws on the end of the blaster, and then place your batteries in.

Immediately as you put the batteries in, you’ll feel it get much heavier at the back end. That’s one of the few cons of this blaster; it’s hefty, and the weight is all at the back end. Depending on how you hold the blaster, this might cause some pain on your wrist if you try to hold the blaster with one hand. The weight and size makes this blaster not work well for for young children, but is fantastic for the 10+ age group.

Physical specs-

  • 7 pounds loaded
  • 29″ long, roughly 2.4 feet

So here you can see the grip area, with all the real controls. The orange switch above the trigger is the battery switch, and it’s currently in the off position. You switch down on it to turn on the blaster, which allows you to actually shoot the blaster. It doesn’t make noise when it’s turned on, but it’s loud when it’s shooting.

You can also see the mag release in-front of the trigger, which you just pull back and pull the mag out. Pretty simple, and you can do this all the time, as it’s an electronic blaster that doesn’t need the blaster to be unprimed to release the clip. This is very helpful in a battle, as you tend to prime even when empty by instinct.

As for the trigger, it’s very easy and comfortable to press, and it allows you to shoot semi-automatically with a single press, bursts of darts by holding it down for a few seconds, or full auto by holding it down as long as you want.

The blaster will always complete firing a dart, no matter if you release your finger while it’s shooting.

Here’s the jam door, you’re never gonna have to use it though. This blaster never jams, unless you’re using horrible darts. I haven’t used it yet though. This blaster never jams on me at all, so you shouldn’t worry much.

However, you can use it to check how many darts you have left, if that’s important.

The Stampede is covered in a digital, etched urban camo pattern, it’s pretty neat. Looks good, and kinda gives you a better hold of the blaster’s parts.


The Stampede has six tactical rails for you to put any accessories you want on, it’s crazy, but it’s the most of any N-strike blaster. You typically only use three-two at most however.

So here’s the stampede assembled, but without clips; it’s not possible to stand it up with the bipod with the 18 dart clip. The clip hits the ground and knocks it over. However, the bipod is useful when the blaster is in use. Just not to stand it up for your collection.

The problem with the blast shield is the fact you can’t look down the iron sights when it’s in the recommended position shown on promotional material. I don’t have a problem with this when I use it, because you tend to use it defensively; which you already know where the enemy will be when you’re defending.

So here’s the other option. You could mount it above the iron sight, but it feels flimsy up there, and kinda gets in the way of pulling the trigger and holding the blaster, but it helps you use it in an offensive situation where you don’t know where you should be aiming.

So here’s what the iron sights look like. I know it’s hard to see what all you can see through them, but it gives you the general idea. Honestly though, it’s hard to look through the sight. But I have rarely needed it to aim.

But there’s always a different option than that.

So this of course is the Longshot scope, which doesn’t come with the Stampede. But it looks great, and gives you a great view of your target. Though it’s still not as needed as it sounds. The stampede is great to use without any sights at all, and is an accurate blaster for using streamline clip-system darts, which are famous for ruining shots.

Here’s the grip/bipod, it’s my favorite accessory. It may me rather large, but it works fantastically. It gives you a better grip on the blaster, and that’s just when it’s in grip mode.

So the above picture is kinda hard to see, but the grip-bipod has a button on the backside of it. This makes the two bipod-feet slide out.  It’s great for defensive situations, as it makes the blaster very stable.

However, you can’t set it on the floor with the bipod and 18 dart mag, since it doesn’t have enough working room.

So here you can see the working distance you get when propping up the blaster to shoot when using it. There’s about an inch, so you can’t angle the blaster up much, but it’s great when you’re higher than your enemies, or putting the bipod on a raised surface.

So as of the other rails, there’s a side rail on both sides. I don’t use them; they can’t be used when you have the blast shield on, but they’re pretty neat. They’re not really useful, but still. It’s cool.

Combat review

This isn’t going to be image heavy, but here’s my opinion of the blaster.

I never use full-auto, it doesn’t help out much, but burst firing is fantastic. It’s not about how many shots you hit the enemy with, it’s about how many shots are on target. My basic rules are 1 hit and you’re down. So I don’t waste bullets. I do use it for  suppression, but I don’t hold the trigger down when suppressing. I recommend using semi auto as much as possible, and conserving bullets. I rarely use a full in a short firefight.

  • Range: 30-45 feet
  • Accuracy: Fantastic in close range, one of the most accurate clip system blasters for long range, but not as accurate as possible.
  • Never jams
  • Three darts per second on new batteries
  • Comes packaged with 60 darts, uses 18 darts at a time.

However, there’s only one true flaw. It takes some time  for the blaster to prime, and this can be fatal in close combat, or ambushes. However, I do not notice this at all, and it works great in my battles.

The blaster makes some noise before it shoots the dart, so it isn’t as stealthy as it should be. However, I wouldn’t worry about this.

Indoor combat is fantastic with this blaster, and I have rarely lost once. The blast shield can really help when you’re trapped and need to push your way out through enemies, as it covers the majority of where people aim.

It’s a sturdy blaster, and is meant to be used in defensive and offensive situations, this is seen by the deployable bipod and removable shield.  Deploy the bipod and attach the shield to hunker down for an onslaught, or remove the shield and push in the bipod to run and gun your enemies. However, the shield may still be found useful, as it may block that one shot that is on target.


Buy it, seriously.

I rate this blaster a 9/10, it is fantastic all around, it packs a punch, can give you great ranges, even when not angled, and can be used in any situation.

Although it’s pretty heavy, you quickly get used to it and it is a breeze to use in battle. The blaster has all the capacity, reliability, speed, mobility, range, and power you need.

So what blaster would you guys want reviewed next? Feel free to chime in!


One thought on “Review: Stampede ECS-18(Image heavy!)

  1. Jolt, thanks for the great review. I too really like the Stampede and personally I like the weight of the Stampede as it gives it somewhat of a “realistic” feel when holding. In turn I agree it definitely is not for the “younger” crowd. Looking forward to more reviews from you.

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