Semi Auto VS. Full Auto

I’ve noticed people across the internet being disappointed by the Hailfire not featuring full-auto capabilities; something normally expected out of a flagship blaster. I’d like to make a point about this.

My primary blaster of choice is the Stampede. It’s a full auto beast, but I have yet to use full-auto power in an actual battle. When firing full auto, you waste mags very quickly as well as lose accuracy. Generally, even in a suppressive function, full auto firing modes won’t help you out much. Semi auto gives you a dart  for every pull, and it works almost as a controller to stop you from wasting ammo.

I always use the Stampede a trigger pull at a time, even with 18 dart mags, it’s easy to burn through them all as it stands, so I try not to waste darts. Naturally people want to hold down the trigger and get as many shots off as they can, but when dealing with a long battle, you’re going to wind up on empty quick.

It makes sense to make the Hailfire semi auto, that way you have 144 darts and you’re not likely to waste them quickly for no reason.

That being said, I do look forward to an Elite version of the Stampede, or even a brand new full-auto. Not because I want to use full auto, but because of the electronic direct plunger system they used; it makes the trigger pull so much easier.


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