Off-brand Nerf products rant

One thing that always gets me are the off-brand Nerf products. They always fall under three categories-

  1. Useless: Nerf USB Drive- 1 GB; not enough for a single .RAW photograph.
  2. Overpriced: Nerf Digital Camera: 50 bucks for a 2.8 megapixel camera with no external storage. Really?
  3. False advertising: Nerf LED Flashlight: I’ll get into this.

This looks great, right? Attaches to your blaster via tactical rail? Awesome for once.. Or was it?

It was a product that many Nerfers were looking forward to- a real, simple, official tactical flashlight for our blasters. The days of attaching our own tactical lights were over. And for only 10 bucks, it would be cheaper than buying a Recon Red Dot sight on Ebay. It sounded awesome, it looked awesome, and it sounded so good.

Sadly, ‘Sayar International’ did not live up to the hype. When bought online, the flashlight does not come with a tactical rail attachment. It was just a shoddy flashlight with a Nerf logo and some rubber grips.

Thanks to the Nerf Wikia for the image.

I personally think someone realized that it had a tactical mount too late, and decided it would be pointed in people’s eyes and give them eye damage if put on a blaster. But that didn’t stop the early images of it from getting everyone excited; which ultimately was really depressing.

So here’s where my rant began. Nerf branded products not made by Hasbro are gonna make your life miserable. They never live up to what they could be, and just make you wish for something more. Whether it be the 50$ camera that gives you less than your mobile phone, or the flashlight that tells you that you can put it on your blaster, and then is just a cheap flashlight.


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